SG90, MG90 servo motor pinout, spec and best 10 SG90 projects


SG90 servo motor is the cheapest servo motor available on the market. If you have an SG90 servo motor and you don’t know what to do, this article is for you. In this article we will introduce sg90 servo motor. We’ll share the sg90 pinout scheme. At the end of our article, we will share best 10 sg90 servo motor projects.

SG90, MG90 Servo Motor Pinout (TowerPro, DXV90…)

Various micro servo motors are sold in the market. Some of the motors with the same specification as the 9G servo motor are as follows:

SG90, MG90, MG90S, FS90R, FEETECH Sub-Micro Servo Motor FS0307,SG51R Sub…

MG90 microservo motor pinout
SG90, MG90 microservo motor pinout
Various colour servo motor pinout
Various colour servo motor pinout

SG90 Servo Motor Specifications

The SG90 micro servo motor we provide below features has TowerPro brand. The working voltage is 5v. With this motor, you can do applications that require low power and torque. The torque of sg90 is 2.5 kg/cm. This means: this servo motor can pull a 2.5 kg load horizontally. Sg90’s gear system is plastic. So its gears can be easily damaged.

SG90 specifications
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Best SG90 Micro Servo Motor Projects

11- Useless Machine

Useless machine is like a legend in the maker world. That’s why there are so many varieties. However, only one servo motor is used in a basic useless machine. This servo motor doesn’t need to be very powerful and high torque. Therefore, you can easily use the SG90 micro servo motor in this project.


22- Arduino Gimbal Project

You can use your SG90 micro servo motor in this project. Dejan’s Arduino Gimbal project is used in three servo engines. MPU6050 and Arduino Nano are also used. The camera or phone you will carry in Gimbal will weigh well below 2.5 kg. That’s why you won’t have any problems.


33- Arduino Door Locker Project

If you have 1 micro servo motor and arduino, you can make yourself a door lock. You can also use the keypad, RFID or fingerprint reader to control this door lock. This project is using a micro servo motor to unlock and close the door. A RFID module is also used for control purposes.


44- Mini Robot Arm

A robot arm may not necessarily be expected to carry 10-20 kg. If you are going to use light materials, you can also design a robot arm with your micro servo motor.


55- Robot Eyes Project

If you’re looking for a project to surprise people, the robot eye project is for you. After printing the materials with a 3D printer, you can do this project with Arduino and a few servo motors.


66- Arduino Sun Tracker

A micro servo motor project that you can do with the least material is also a follower of the sun. This project used a solar cell to detect sunlight. You can do a similar project with LDR if you want.



77- Arduino Plotter Project

You must have an old DVD drive somewhere. You can make a great mini plotter by getting your micro servo motor involved.


88- Simple Walker Project

If you are looking for a beginner servo motor project, this project is for you.


99- Robotic Stirrer Project

You can make a simple stirrer project with 3 micro servo motors, 1 dc motor and arduino.


1010- 17 DOF Humanoid Robot Project

After simple and cheap projects, let’s share an expensive and more difficult servo motor project now. If you have 17 servo motors, you can make humanoid robots. How’s it going? The answer is in the video below:



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In this article, we present to you SG90, MG90 etc. we gave information about micro servo motors. We shared SG90 pinout, MG90 pinout images. We also shared SG90, MG90 features. At the end of our topic, we shared 10 interesting micro servo projects that you can do. We spent 4 hours preparing this article. If you like our article, you can reward our work by sharing it on your social media accounts. We would also be pleased to see your comment under the topic.


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