ATtiny85 pinout, specs and sample projects

In this article we gave information about ATtiny85. We have detailed the uses of ATtiny85 with sample projects.


ATtiny85, as its name suggests, is a small-sized electronic component. It is an 8-bit processor produced by Atmel. It has a 10-bit ADC property. There are 6 I/O units.

What is ATtiny85?

ATtiny85 is a cheaper processor than many processors. Since ATtiny85 is widely used, you can find many documents and projects about it on the internet. It can be easily used in many projects with 8kbyte memory. Because it has POWER SAVE mode, it can be easily used in battery-powered projects. It takes up little space with its small size. It can be used in many projects with space problems.

How to program ATtiny85?

Various programmers can be used to program Atmega 18 or Atmega 16 processors to program ATtiny85. The IDE programmer, which is also used to program Arduino, can also be used to program ATtiny85.

ATtiny85 pinout

Attiny85 pinout  (Click to Enlarge)


ATtiny85 Pin Configuration

We prepared a poster about ATtiny85 pin configuration:

Attiny85 pinout description

ATtiny85 Features and Electrical Characteristics

CPU8 bit
EEPROM size512Bytes of In-System Programmable EEPROM
RAM size512Bytes on Internal SRAM
CPU Speed1 MIPS@1MHz
Number of  Pins8
Number of  Programmable I/O pins6
Operating Temperature-55ºC to +125ºC
Operating Voltage+1.8 V to +5.5V (ATTINY85V)
+2.7 V to +5.5V (ATTINY85)(+6.0V  being absolute maximum supply voltage)
Internal Oscillator0-8MHz  Calibrated Internal R-C Oscillator
External Oscillator0-10MHz for ATTINY85V
0-20MHz for ATTINY85
Maximum DC Current per I/O Pin40 mA
Maximum DC Current through VCC and GND Pins200 mA
PWM outputs4
ADC Feature4channels, 10-bit resolution ADC
UART InterfaceNot available
Communication InterfaceMaster/Slave SPI Serial Interface(5,6,7  PINS) [Can be used for programming this controller]
I2C or Two-wire Serial Interface(5,7  PINS)[Can be used to connect peripheral devices and sensors]
Universal Serial Interface (5,6,7 PINS) [Can be used for communicating with other controllers]
Analog Comparators1
Timer ModuleTwo 8-bit counter
Program Memory or Flash memory size8Kbytes[10000 write/erase cycles]
Program LockAvailable
Watchdog TimerAvailable
Power Save ModesThree Modes[Idle, ADC Noise Reduction, Power-down]


Download ATtiny85 Datasheet

Sample ATtiny85 project sources

ATtiny85 is a very useful processor. ATtiny85 will not be difficult for you, especially if you are using arduino. You can program ATtiny85 with Arduino IDE programmer or with Atmel Studio program. You can use this processor in your designs that you do not want to use Arduino.

In this article, we tried a different method than other articles. We could also offer you the best ATtiny85 projects. But we wanted to let you choose the best and the worst. We have shared the main project resource sites of the internet for you.

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In this article we gave information about ATtiny85. We have detailed the uses of ATtiny85 with sample projects. To support us, you can share our posts on your social media accounts or leave comments.


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