Best 10 Open Source (DIY) CNC Routers

Best Open Source CNC Routers. DIY CNC Routers. What is CNC Router? How to make a cnc router?


I love to make different projects. Some of these projects consist only electronic circuits. Some of them require programming knowledge. Some of them require a body. When it does, a 3D printer solves many of its problems. But Most times, Only 3D printer isn’t enough for project. A lot of projects require cutting, drilling, engraving (wood, metal and etc.) A CNC Router is usefull for every maker. In this article I shared Best 10 Open Source CNC Routers.

What is CNC router?

Cnc Routers are used for carving, shaping, relief, engraving on different materials (These materials are generally materials such as wood, mdf, composite, plexi, pvc, aluminum and iron.).

Mini CNC Router
Mini CNC Router Carving Wood

CNC router is used with computer support. The 3 axes (X, Y and Z axes) that can move independently from each other are processed by the CNC router according to the position received from the computer. The drawings you design on the computer (usually with Autocad, Fusion360, etc. .. programs) are processed on the material with a CNC router.

Can you make a CNC Router too?

Many maker can making self CNC Router. As Maker’s possibility, can make mini CNC Router or Big CNC Router. Usually for many maker is enough mini cnc. I will share both the Mini CNC and the large CNC. 3D printed parts used on some CNC’s. Some of them designed with aluminium T profile. There are 3 stepper motors on all of CNC. Only seize of stepper motors is changing.  Almost All of them are using same PC program. There is spindle motor on all oh them. But Spindle motor’s power and rpm are changing.

What is your budget? Before to decide which wil you do CNC, you should determine your budget. What sould you do with this CNC? You dont need high powered CNC for PCB engraving. You need powerfull CNC for metal carving.

You should research for CNC routers made before. In this article I will share my researching about for Open Source DIY CNC Router.

Best 10 Open Source DIY CNC Routers

  1. Maslow CNC: A Different CNC Router

You want a cnc router that works in a vertical position. This project may be right for you. The Maslow CNC Router project was successfully completed in 2017. This project, which you can do with a budget of less than $ 500, is one of the lowest budget among CNC Router projects.

Project Page here.

2. Scratch-built CNC Router

This is an instructables project. Wooden material was used in the construction of the axes. Arduino is used to control it. Thus, the cost is reduced. The construction steps were pretty self explanatory.

Project Page here.

3. Mini CNC Router

This open source mini CNC project is very useful and precise. Everything needed to build a 3-axis CNC machine is explained in detail. It is a project that you can do in 2-3 days after obtaining the materials.

Project page is here.

4. IndyMill Open Source CNC Router

Indymill cnc router project is one of my favorite projects. A project that will not let you down. If you want to make a mini router and avoid surprises during the project, it is one of the projects I recommend first.

Project Page is here.

5.  OX Open Source CNC Machine

This project is an OpenBuild Project. Ox CNC Machine made by Mark Carew. This CNC can made various dimentions:

There are a lot of cool features this machine has but one of my favorites is that it can be built in a small format that will cut approx. 1′ x 1.5′ (310 x 480) to a large format OX that can cut approx. 2′ x 4′! (580 x 1219)” from Project Page…

Project Page is here.

6. Sphinx 55

Sphinx 55 is an OpenBuilds project too. There are cad files on it’s project page. You can purchase from store too. I liked it. But if you decide to make you should review all versions.

Project Page is here.

7. Huge CNC Router

Whether this project is open source is debatable. However, the construction stages of the project are shown in quite detail. In addition, the materials are the kind that can be found anywhere. Normally, this CNC machine is sold as a kit for a fee, but anyone can access the documentation on its site.

Documentation page is here.

8. DIY CNC Router for Under $900


Do you like wood working project then this is for you. Cheap, Big, Nice…

9. RS-CNC – 3D Printed CNC Router

If you looking for CNC Router made with 3D printed parts then this project is for you. I liked it. But I dont think that 3D parts is appropriate for a CNC machine. This is a Thingverse project.

Project page is here.

10. Ivan Miranda !!

I love Ivan Miranda youtube channel. He is doing many great projects. One of them is 3D printed CNC. You should definitely check out these projects. They are not open source. But If you want to buy plans, they are quite cheap.


A CNC Router (CNC Machine) is a very useful tool. There are many different types and sizes. A CNC machine usually has 3 axes. (x-y-z) But there are also 4 or 5-axis CNC Machines. In this article, I thought of sharing 10 open source cnc routers. But I had to share 1-2 projects that were not open source. Because they were great. They usually use V-slot aluminum. You can do them too, and more importantly, get inspired.



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