What is ioT? | Open Source ioT Projects


In this article, we will explain the subject of ioT. What is ioT? After answering the question, we will share ioT projects that you can do. These projects will be open source.

What is ioT?

Nowadays, many devices produce information and share this information with other devices. As a result of this sharing, many different applications can be made. Systems that connect devices to each other or to people are called ioT systems. That is the Internet of Things. In the world of the Internet of Things, every device has an identification number. This ID is called the “unique ID”, or “UID” for short. Devices use this identification number when communicating with each other and with people.

Today, many companies use ioT applications to work more efficiently.

Where is the Internet of Things used?

Today, the most used areas of the Internet of Things are:

  • Construction applications
  • Logistics applications
  • Smart city applications
  • Manufacturing applications
  • IT industry applications
  • Health apps
  • Trading apps

30 Example ioT Projects

We can see a alot of ioT projects on net. For example;

  1. Smart Mirror
  2. Smart Money Transfer
  3. IoT based smart arm
  4. Smart Irrigation
  5. Smart Doors
  6. Air monitoring system
  7. Smart alarm clock
  8. Weather reporting system
  9. Smart wheelchair
  10. Smart Street Light system
  11. Motorised Weather Machine
  12. Picoclick C3T
  13. Chicken Coop Door
  14. Pet Planter
  15. Home Automation
  16. 1984 WeatherMan Pi
  17. Indoor Hydroponic Farm
  18. Delivery Robot
  19. Mining rig
  20. Home Assistant & Industrial Automation System
  21. IoT Based Smart Parking System
  22. IoT Based Biometric Attendance System
  23. IoT Based Dumpster Monitoring Project
  24. Raspberry Pi Based Weather Station
  25. IoT Based Smart Irrigation System
  26. IoT Based Home Automation System
  27. IoT Based Patient Monitoring System
  28. Web Controlled Surveillance Robot
  29. DIY Smart Plug to Make Home Appliances IoT Enabled
  30. IoT Based Door Security System using Google Assistant

Some Open Source ioT Projects

  1. SmartGarden 3 – DIY Bluetooth Sensors and Hydroponics!

You can monitor and control your garden remotely. Would you like to make a Hydroponics Garden? SmartGarden3 is a successful kickstarter project. You can measure the humidity of your plant continuously and measure the data as a mobile phone message. If there is a problem in your garden, you can make the alarm sound.

Project page


2- OpenHAB: Make a smarter home

One of the platforms used in smart home construction is OpenHAB. OpenHUB is an open source platform. You can use it locally as well as over the cloud. OpenHUB can be used with over 1000 devices. It can also be used with Google Assistant, Mazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

OpenHUB guide


3- ioT with Smartphones

This time I will not share just one project. There are many ioT projects you can do using your old smartphone. Cumulocity ioT solution is used in the projects. Moreover, it is completely free. Many projects that can be done by both amateurs and professionals are in one package.


4. Air Monitoring System

EnviroMonitor is a community and Open Source project to help monitor air quality around the world. We measure PM2.5 and PM10 as well as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Data is collected at global site and can be sent to WeatherUnderground.


5. IoT Based Smart Parking System

This time we will share an article about smart parking systems. This is an open source solution for smart parking.






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