Best 10 Open Source 3D Printers

Best 10 Open Source 3D Printer. How to make 3D Printer in your house? Cheap 3D printers. Diy 3D printers.


In recent years, 3D printers have become an increasingly important part of our lives. 3D printers, which many industrial institutions use for prototyping, have now entered our homes. The Maker culture that came with Industry 4.0 has made 3D printers a part of our lives.

What is a 3D printer?

Consider a 3D object. This object actually consists of superimposing many layers from the base. The 3D printer makes the formation of these layers with a method we call adding.

To create an object, you will either subtract from a full object (CNC Router logic) or create it by adding small parts. 3D printers do this adding work. They also use a wide variety of materials for this work.

What is open source?

Open source means presenting a project with all its details to its aspirants. Anyone who wants an open source project can do it himself. Because all information such as circuit diagrams of that project, software used, 2D-3D model drawings are provided by the project developer.

Top 10 Open Source 3D Printer Projects

1. Bukobot & Bukito 3D Printer Wiki

Bukobot & Bukito is an open source 3D Printer Project. It has a lot of documantation on it’s site. Small and stable.

Project page is here.


2. Eventorbot: A RepRap Printer

I loved this Open Source 3D Printer. It is look great. The documentation is very enough. There no need expensive material.
Thingverse page is here.
Wiki page is here.

3. Mamba3D Open Source 3D Printer

Mamba3D is an open source kickstarter project. Mamba3D had been successful in 2014. Mamba3D’s documentation part is very good. If you want to do Mamba3D you can do easly.

Mamba3D main page is here.


4. 300mm Big Size Ultimaker Style 3D Printer

This is an instructables projects. Best part of this 3D printer is it’s big dimension. Project maker has explained very well all making stages.

Instructables page is here.


5. RepRap

RepRap, 3D yazıcıya odaklanan büyük bir açık kaynak projesidir. There are many RepRap 3D printer models in RepRap’s web page. There isn’t any problem with documentation. This project is proved it self for many years.

RepRap wiki page is here.


6. Vulcanus V1 Reprap 3D-Printer

Vulcanus is a RepRap 3D Printer project. There is enough documentation on instrucables page. 3D model files add Autodesk library.

Instructables page is here.


7.  Zidex : Open source 3D printer with dual extrusion and independent X and Z axis

his is a slightly more complicated version of IDEX. This is also a crane style printer modified to add rigidity to handle fast and rapid movement.

Github page is here.


8.  Original Prusa i3 MK3S

Prusa i3 can be best seller 3D Printer. It is selling all over the world. Do you know that Prusa i3 is an open source project. Yes it is.

Prusa i3 github page is here.


9. Snappy v3.0

Snappy V3.0 is a little weird 3D printer. All parts of this printer are printable. Also miles, screws too. If you want to make a little weird 3D printer then Snappy like you.

Snappy’s github page is here.


10. Simple and cheap 3D Printer

Using this 3D printer you can make any object using gcode file from your computer. This project can be use as your college Project in the science fair.

Project page is here.


I shared best 10 open source 3D printers on this article. I hope you like my list. There were 20 printers on my original list. I had to eliminate some amazing projects. I am adding below some of them:

  1. Workhorse – Open Source Large Scale 3D Printer
  2. Giant 3D Printer from scratch (Ivan Miranda)
  3. Very cheap 3D printer.
  4. Big 3D Printer (40x40x40)
  5. Delta Trix 3D Printer

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