Top 10 electronics and robotics projects of July 2021


Starting today, we will prepare a new series of articles. There are more than 100 youtube channels that we follow constantly. These channels do hundreds of amazing projects every month. Starting this month, we will share the top 10 projects with you every month. These projects will usually be electronics, robotics and mechatronics. We will also post them on our youtube channel. If you want to be informed about these projects, you can subscribe to our youtube channel or follow our site.

Top 10 electronics and robotics projects of July 2021

I had a hard time choosing these 10 projects. First I reduced it from hundreds of projects to 25. These 25 projects were very good. It was even more difficult to choose 10 of them.

Unfortunately, most of these projects are not open source. However, if you want to do one of these, there are usually detailed explanations in the videos.


10DIY Arduino Based Multi Wire Cutting Machine

“There are 4 different colors of wires which feed to cutter via a single motor, for feeding different color feeder motor drive by a stepper motor and shaft mounted gear get of feeder motor engage with the opposite gear to feed respective color of wire.”


9Diy 18650 Spot Welder

It is very difficult to solder on the batteries. In this project, a portable welding machine was made by using capacitors. It is a nice project especially for makers.


8Balancing Rotaped Robot

James Bruton is a great maker. There are a few da Vinci style guys on youtube. Definitely one of them is James. James has been experimenting with strange wheels in his projects for a while. In this video, he adapted the “Fordson Rotaped wheel” to his project.


7Making Powerful BLDC Motor

Brushless DC motor (BLDC) is used in applications requiring high speed. Would you like to make a BLDC motor yourself? In this project, a BLDC motor is being built from start to finish.


6How Engineers Play Basketball

Another Da Vinci style Maker is the Q. The Q channel has some great projects. This project is one of them. If a servo motor had been used in this project, it might not have been such an interesting project. But the system used is great.


53D Printed CNC Mill From Scratch

Ivan Miranda is a great Maker specializing in CNC making. Ivan has released 2 similar CNC Router videos this month. I shared one of them. After reviewing the other one, you can decide what to do. Ivan also sells the plans of the projects on his site at an affordable price.

4Arduino Multi Remote Control Car

I don’t want to share only high difficulty projects on my list. If you are not a Maker specializing in a particular field, it may be useful to start with such projects.


3The Joystick Hand Controller and DIY Camera Slider

Mert is on our list with a great camera slider project. Mert also publishes his projects on In other words, it is possible to find all the documents of this project under the video.


2Ice Making Machine

If you want to make a portable refrigerator, this project is for you.

1Kinetic Sand Art Table

DIY Machines is a great channel. There are many good projects on this channel. The kinetic sand project is a project consisting of several videos. Part 2 was published this month. You will love it too.


I shared 10 great projects in this article.  I think to publish every month a list. If you like this article please share us comment section.



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