Best 10 No Code Required Simple and Interestig Led Circuits

I shared Best 10 No Code Required Simple and Interestig Led Circuits


I love led circuits. When I was a young electronics student, I used to go to Konya Sokak (the famous electronics street in Ankara). I was watching led circuits always. I had made flasher circuit as my first led circuit. Then I had made a flip flop circuit. Then when i was university student, I made first led chaser circuit with pic programming. I will share simple and interesting led circuits on this post. You can add your own favorite led circuits on comment section.

No Programming Required Led Circuits

IC 4017 is generally used in walking led circuits that do not require programming. If the number of LEDs to be used is high, the leds are driven with transistors. 555 IC is used for the 4017 to work. Capacitors and resistors are also used for the timing operations of the 555 IC. Take this information into consideration when looking at these circuits.

1- Single Chip Led Chaser

This circuit is a simple and cheap led circuit project. There is circuits diagram on source link. There is 4060 oscillator IC on this circuit.  Also 5 parallel leds are controlling via PNP transistor.


2- LED Chaser Music Reactive Circuit

I loved this VUmeter circuit. LM3915 IC had used in this projects. The components can find everywhere: Leds, 10 uf capacitor, piezoelectric disc, 1k resistor, 1m resistor and 9v battery. There is circuit diagram on video at 2:43


3- Flower LED Chaser

I decided to make this great led chaser project. Tech Arrange youtube channel know this led chaser job. Also There are many different shape led chaser projects on the channel. If you want to make a led chaser project you must look around all videos on this youtube channel. The video has all the information.


4- None Stop Running LED Chaser

This led chaser project is using 4017 and 555 ICs.

Also you look at this topic:

555, LM555 Timer Pinouts and Tutorials

5- LED Flasher Circuit With a 555 Timer Chip | Police Strobe light

Everyone love police lights. This is simple and great led project. Do you want to make led circuit then I advise to you this project.


6- 3 Channel LED Chaser

This 3 Channel led chaser project can use many professional applications.  BT136 triac had used as led driver. BT136 can drive 4A load.


7- 100 LED Chaser

100 leds can driven by 2 4017 IC. This is one of biggest led chaser circuits that you can do.  If you want you can use 100 led as horizontal.


8-  4 Channel, Professional Led Chaser Circuit

Bu proje 4 kanal led devre ile neler yapılabileceğini gösteriyor. Bu devrenin sürebileceği Amper değerleri miktarı, kullandığınız transistörün değerine göre değişebilir. BD136 transistor can drive 1.5 A.


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9- RGB Led Chaser Circuit

Code is often used in RGB circuits. However, this circuit is made without using code. In the video, the construction of 3 led circuits is explained. The third period was my favourite.


10- Colour Changing Led Chaser

This video is to show you how to make a simple running colour changing LED chaser. I will make this circuit certainly.


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