How to make humanoid robots?

How to make open source humanoid projects?Best humanoid robot projects. Open source humanoid robot projects.


In this article, we will examine the subject of humanoid robots. We will focus on how to make a humanoid robot. At the end of the topic, we will give examples of humanoid robots that have been made before. If you are thinking of making a humanoid robot, this article will be useful for you.

What is a humanoid robot?

In general, robots whose body shape resembles human beings are called humanoid robots. Humanoid robots can be made to achieve a specific purpose. Humanoid robots usually consist of a head, a torso, 2 arms and 2 legs. Future uses of humanoid robots include caring for the elderly, disabled, helping patients, and performing dangerous jobs. Another area of use for humanoid robots is the entertainment industry. A humanoid robot named Ursula sings and dances at Universal movie studios. If you want to look at the history of humanoid robots, you can take a look at the humanoid robots wiki page.


Best 10 Humanoid Robots

There are many professional humanoid robots developed by companies. is a site for amateurs. The sample projects we share are projects that can be made with certain materials. The projects below are not the best professional humanoid robot projects. If you are interested in such projects, you can check the Wiki page I shared above.

1- Poppy Project (Open Source Humanoid Robot)

Poppy Humanoid is an open source humanoid robot. It is aesthetic, modular and parametric. From a single arm to a full humanoid, the Poppy platform is actively used in laboratories, engineering schools, FabLabs and artistic projects. You can print parts of it with a 3D printer.
The Poppy community develops robotic creations that are easy to create, customize, distribute and share.
It promotes open source by sharing hardware, software and web tools.



2- Nao  autonomous, programmable humanoid robot

Highly intuitive and powerful, the sixth generation of NAO Robot is designed to enable unique human-robot interaction. NAO V6 is the most advanced humanoid robot in both education and workforce environments. It has countless applications in teaching coding and programming! Nao Power V6 can find application in many aspects in classroom environments: these areas; coding and programming to bring theoretical knowledge to life, to custom training development and interactive training simulations. Nao Power V6’s advanced development platform; It offers immense opportunities for children to increase their concentration, advance their STEM creativity, learn to program, develop problem-solving skills and reach barrier-free communication. In addition, efficient training solutions; It includes an intuitive programming interface, options for distance learning, and a variety of ready-to-use apps that make it 100 percent accessible!



3- iCub is a 1 mt tall open source robotics humanoid robot 

The iCub, which is a control size of 3.5, is controlled by the PC104. There are also actuators and sensors produced by CANBus. iCub is a European Union project costing 8.5 million. completely open source. There are those that can be felt on the fingertips and touch.

iCub Wiki Page


4- inMoov 3D Printed Open Source Humanoid Robot 

Moov by Gael Langevin; Its construction started in 2012 as an open source project. It was originally required as a prosthetic hand. You can print parts of it on any simple 3D printer.

Project Page


5- ThormanG3 Open Source Humanoid Robot

ThormanG3 is an open source humanoid robot. The mechanical and electronic parts of ThormanG3 are also available for download. The software is shared on the sourge forge website. Let’s say a made ThormanG3 costs about $10,000. However, you can make this robot much cheaper with your own 3D printer.



6- NimbRo-OP2X: Adult-sized Open-source 3D Printed Humanoid Robot

One of the purposes of building this open source humanoid robot is to show that a low cost humanoid robot can be made. NimbRo-OP2X ; Like a human 135 cm tall. It has a weight of 19 kg. This robot has flexible modules that can be used in various projects. NimbRo-OP2X won all the awards at RoboCup 2018.

Project Page


7- Plen2:  Mini Open-source 3D Printed Humanoid Robot

PLEN2 is a Kick Starter project. It guides you to the advanced technology world and help you grow. Anyone can easily build and personalize it.

Github page


8- James Bruton’s Robot X

James Bruton does many great robot projects. Among them are many humanoid robots. James does a feature of the humanoid robot in each of his videos. You can download all the drawings and codes from the github account. This humanoid robot is Arduino based. You can print materials with 3D printers.


Github Repository


9- TyroBot DIY Humanoid Robot Kit (Simple, cheap)

We are faced with a Kickstarter project developed to teach programming to anyone who does not know programming. TyroBot is an open source, simple, 3D writable and inexpensive humanoid robot.

Kickstarter page


10- The Most Realistic Humanoid Robot Yet (Ameca)

Unfortunately, Ameca is not an open source project. The reason I put Ameca on this list is because it represents the latest in humanoid robots.


How to make humanoid robots?

If you want to make a humanoid robot, you should first examine the models we shared above. Then you have to decide on your budget. You have to sacrifice a few thousand dollars to build a professional humanoid robot. The materials you need will change depending on whether the robot you will build will stand in balance and walk. You have to decide which platform to use to control your humanoid robot? (Arduino, Raspberry Pie etc.) You should decide on the vision system of your robot.


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