Best RFID projects and MFRC-522

In this article, we talked about the most widely used MFRC 522 arduino module in RFID technologies. We shared MFRC 522 pinout, MFRC 522 arduino wiring diagram. In particular, we think you should look at the top 10 MFRC 522 projects at the end of our article.

MFRC522 pinout

Let’s talk about RFID technology. What is RFID? 

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is the technology used to identify objects using radio waves. In fact, every day we encounter devices that work with RFID technology. For example, we see RFID technology in public transportation tickets and in turnstiles at work and school entrances. In RFID projects, projects such as door lock, information about the number of people in an environment, computer session lock and alarm system are frequently encountered.

Some RFID technologies


Which RFID modules are used for Arduino?

MFRC-522 module price is 1.99 USD on Ebay.

1- MFRC-522 Arduino RFID Module

The most widely used RFID module for Arduino is MFRC-522.

If you want to do RFID application, you can read and write to Mifare cards with MFRC522 IC on it. It sends the information it reads to the arduino and similar MCU via SPI interface. It only supports 13.56MHz card and key chain-like tag. TMF1xxS20 supports the tags MF1xxS70 and MF1xxS50.

Bi-directional 848kBd high-speed communication. Supports MIFARE protocol. You can use 3.3V or 5V.

With the antenna on the card, you can read the card from a distance of 2.5mm.

Additional files:

NXP PN532 Kit price is 5 USD on Ebay.

2- NXP PN532 NFC RFID Module

PN532 is a common NFC chip found on almost any phone or NFC device. With this chip you can do many things like reading labels and cards, writing and communicating with phones. If you want to make embedded NFC hands-on this card is for you.

NFC is a card for connecting two devices close together. It can be thought of as a short-range bluetooth that does not require a verification code. Since it is an RFID extension, you can do what you can do with RFID, as well as NFC.

Since you can read and write tags, you can use them in your RFID tag projects.

The product comes with a PN532 breakout card, 2.54mm headers, two jumpers, a 4050 level converter and a MiFare Classic 1K card.

RC 522 Pinout

MFRC-522 Pinout

MFRC522 pinout is shown in the picture below.

Note: Make sure to use 3.3 Volt supply voltage on the RC 522 module. When connecting, you should not connect it to the 5V output of the arduino.

The MFRC522 pinout can also be viewed from the product datasheet.

MFRC522 Features

  • 13.56MHz RFID module
  • Operating voltage: 2.5V – 3.3V
  • Communication type : SPI, I2C protocol and UART
  • Max. Data Rate: 10Mbps
  • Read Range: 5cm
  • Current Consumption: 13-26mA
  • Power down mode consumption: 10uA (min)
  • Sleep Current: < 80uA
  • Peak Current: < 30mA
  • Low-voltage, low-cost, small size of the non-contact card chip to read and write.
  • Suitable for Smart meters and portable handheld devices.


RC 522 Arduino Wiring

MFRC-522 Arduino Wiring 

MFRC 522 is usually used with arduino. When you connect the MFRC 522 to the Arduino, it is very important which arduino model you use. The following image shows an example MFRC 522 connection with arduino uno and arduino nano.


Top 10 RFID MFRC-522 arduino projects


RFID Project 1- Security Access using MFRC522 RFID Reader with Arduino

If you are going to make a project for the first time with MRFC 522, this project is for you. Arduino codes are shared in the article. Illustrated how to set up the circuit. Moreover, the video shows the operation of the circuit.


RFID Project 2- Relay control with MRFC 522 arduino module

With the MRFC 522, you can set a device to start or stop. In addition to the MRFC 522, you must also use a relay module. In this project, you will see how a cheap relay module that can be found anywhere can be controlled by RFID.


RFID Project 3- RFID and Keypad Door lock and Alert System Using Arduino

This is one of the most detailed projects with MRFC 522. Door unlock represents a servo motor. When you try to open it with a magnetic key, you will receive an SMS notification on your mobile phone. If you try to open it with a magnetic card, the door opens. Again, the mobile phone is notified that the door is opened. If you are going to have a detailed home security system, this project is for you.



RFID Project 4- RFID and Keypad Door lock and Alert System Using Arduino


With the MRFC 522 you can set up a real-time alarm system. You activate the alarm with the card reader. The ultrasound sensor activates the alarm when it detects motion. Since there is a real time clock in the system, you can also enter the times you want the alarm to work. This project is ideal for those who want to make alarm system.


RFID Project 5- Attendance System Based on Arduino and Google Spreadsheet


In previous RFID projects, access control was always carried out. What if you want to record the entire operation of the system? This project was searched for answers to this question and found a great solution with google tables.


RFID Project 6- Arduino RFID Selenoid Lock

This RFID project is similar to other home security system projects. In this project, servo motor was not used instead of lock system. The solenoid lock was used to suit the real life. But basically a project with the same programming structure.


RFID Project 7- Log in windows with Arduino uno RC522 RFID Keyboard firmware

This project is more original than others. RFID technology was used to enter Windows in this project.



RFID Project 8- RFID Based Smart Shopping Cart Using Arduino

This project finds a solution to a problem that we face in our daily lives. We are talking about a project that automatically enters the price of objects into the system with a magnetic card. Prices have been added to the magnetic card. When you read the magnetic card, the system enters price information. If there is a price before, it collects two.


RFID Project 9- Escape Room Object Placement Puzzle using Arduino/RFID

This is an amusing RFID project. There are 4 RFID sensor cards in this project. If you read these cards in a certain order, the lock is unlocked. Unlocking is not possible if the sequence is incorrect.


RFID Project 10- RFID Based Canteen and Cafeteria Management System

This project is sold in the market for a fee. The project is not already open source. To do this project you have to rely on your own skills. You can realize this project with materials like Arduino, GSM Shield, RFID reader.


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