Best open source line follower robot projects

We listed best open source line follower robot projects on internet in this article. An open source project has all diagrams, 3D files and codes. So you can do same projects easyly.


We listed best open source line follower robot projects on internet in this article. An open source project has all diagrams, 3D files and codes. So you can do same projects easyly. We shared some else articles before on this subject. You can browse them too.

Line follower robot (or line following) competitions are held all over the world. The choice of line-following robot in competitions is not a coincidence. A line following robot has many various spesifications.

A line following has the following electronic or software systems:

  1. Dc motor drivers (L298D, L293N …)
  2. White / Black color detection sensors (CNY70, QTR-8RC, QTR-8RA vb..)
  3. PWM controlling software (intermediate or advanced line follower models)
  4. Brushless motor and driver (esc) (for vacuum advanced line follower models)
  5. Obstacle sensor (optional – Usually MZ80 or EZ18 D50K)

Note: It is difficult to prepare this list. Beacuse we have to seperate simple and advanced line following robots. Simple line following robots look alike and advanced line following robots are no so different. The main differences in robots; DC motors, wheels, speed dc motor driver and code.

NOTICE: PWM code is not enough for 90 degree turn. I will send special code for 90 degree and other difficult turning to everyone who commenting this topic. You can write your e mail for special codes.

If you want to make a champion line follower robot;

  • You must use wheels that cling to the ground.
  • You must use a dc motor control circuit that can send a fast signal.
  • You must speedly dc motors (1500-2000 rpm for common line follower, 4000-5000 rpm for speed line follower)
  • You must pwm control in code.
  • You must use QTR- 8RA instead of QTR-8RC or CNY70
  • You can use a quality Li-Po battery (The current is important given by Li-Po)

Open Source Simple Line Following Robots

I listed 5 simple line tracking robots and 5 advanced line tracking robots. You can choose according to your badget. I didn’n include more projects because of they are alike.

1- Mert Arduino Line Follower

I saw Mert Arduino on first time. Mert has a lot of cool projects. QTR- 8RC array sensor is using as line sensor. PWM is using in arduino code. Using motors are simple dc motors. L293D module used for DC motor control.


2- Line Following Robot without Microcontroller

If you don’t want to use any microcontroller or coding then you can do this project. A IR led – transmitter pair used in this project.


3- Line follower robot by Murtaza

L298N motor control module used in this project. Arduno code is based PID algorthm so line tracking is smooth.



4- MJRobot Line Follower Robot

This project won the 2nd prize at 2016 Robotics Contest at Control algorithm is based to PID. This robot can used via android phone too. If you look for simple and cheep line following project so this project is for you.


5- Simple line following robot

This line tracking robot is an instructables project. Reason of choosing this project is it is using materials can find everywhere. Moreover line tracking is very smooth.


Open Source Advanced Line Following Robots

1- Line Follower Robot by drakerdg

You can do tis projects as low speed line follower robot. CNY70 sensors used for line detecting. Speed will be lower because of gear dc motors. This project has cheep price than many of them. You can order pcb circuit from JLCPCB.

2- PID Controlled Line Follower Robot by Erdaloca

Erdaloca PID line follower is a champion line follower robot. Erdaloca shared all circuit, code and pcb files in google drive.

Google drive link:


3- Very Advanced Line Following Robot

I said this project for “very advanced” because of it has;

  • Teensy development board
  • Spurkfum TeensvView
  • LCD display
  • Pololu’s QTRX-MD-16A 16-channel analog output line sensor array

If you have enough budget for line follower robot, this project can be appropriate for you.


4- Zumo Robot

If I were not add Zumo robot on this list then the list was be incomplete. Zumo robot is best seller robot kit in the world. Zumo robot has many abilities beside of line following. Many people think that Zumo robot is not open source. But this isn’t true. Pololu (Owner of Zumo) shares all documentatios, circuits, sample codes.

Note: You can’t use Zumo robot as speed line following robot.


5- Open Source Advanced Line Follower Robot

It will add later. Thanks for your patience.



We listed 10 open source line following robots in this list. If you want to suggest a line follower project us please inform us via comment section. If you want to join a contest with line follower, you must know some trick. (90 degree turn, u turn and etc…) If you write your e mail on comment section, we will send you special arduino line followers tricks and codes for free.


  1. Nice man, im looking to build advanced line follower which can detect loops and take turns at acute and right angles


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