DIY Smart Home Projects


I want to make a small Smart home project. I reviewed pre-made smart home projects to gain knowledge on the subject. In this article, I shared similar models that I can make. This topic will consist of several stages:

Part 1: Reviewing pre-made smart home projects
Part 2: Drawing my own project
Part 3: Assembling the materials according to the drawings
Part 4: Finalizing my smart home project.

If you’re ready, let’s start.

Part 1: Looking at pre-made smart home projects

The first resource I look at for pre-made projects is youtube. There are many DIY smart home projects on Youtube. But most of them are life-size. What I need is a smart home model that I can put on the table.

Example 1: KeyeStudio Smart Home Kit

The first thing that caught my attention was the ready-made smart home kit of Keyestudio. This example is really inspiring:


Keyestudio shares all the documentation with Arduino codes. Wiki Page is here


  • You can turn the lights on and off.
  • You can ring the buzzer.
  • You can control the LEDs.
  • You can also run some things with it by controlling the relay.
  • You can have the lighting works done automatically with the photosensor.
  • You can open and close things like windows and doors by controlling a servo motor.
  • You can add ventilation features by running Fun.
  • You can detect whether it is raining with the steam sensor.
  • With the PIR detector, you can have motion-sensitive detection.
  • With the MQ-2 gas sensor, you can detect toxic gas leaks.
  • You can print text with 1602 LCD Display.
  • You can add an automatic irrigation system by measuring the moisture of the soil with the humidity sensor.
  • You can use the smart phone control feature with the Bluetooth module.

Example 2: Michele Di Luca’s Project

I especially liked the garage design of this project. In addition, the layout of the vehicle garden gate is very nice. It has been a truly inspiring project. PIC is used in the control part of the system, but these works can be done easily with Arduino. In addition, with the Bluetooth module to be added to the system, the control part can also be provided with a phone or tablet.

An encrypted login method can also be added to such a system, as in the video here.

Another verision

Different garden gate mechanism: Here

Different garden gate mechanism: Here

Different garden gate mechanism: Here

Example 3: Laser cut door opening mechanism

If you have the chance to make laser cutting, you can use it as a door mechanism.


Example 4: KinCony IoT Home Project

If you have enough budget and you are confident, you can try this project.

1. Individual control of light in each room 2. Electric Garage Door Control 3. Electric curtain control 4. Infrared Counterfire Alarm 5. Television control (4.3 inch display) 6. Video surveillance (switchable TV screen) 7. Air conditioning control 8. Outdoor Landscape Light Control 9. Electric access control 10. Electric Clothes Hanger Control 11. Smoke Gas Detector 12. Control By Mobile Phone App


Example 5: DIY GUY Chris’s Project

This is one of the best smart home projects I’ve seen on the internet. Garden lighting, indoor elevator system and 2-storey garage were very nice. Curtain opening mechanisms are made with laser cutting.

Example 6: Solar tracking system

It’s a good idea to add a solar tracking system to a smart home project. However, it may be more appropriate to position it on the sides of the house.


Example 7: Laser Cutting Projects is very quality laser cutting model site. There are many house model projects on the site.

I liked this one:

Link is here.

And this one:

Link is here.

Example 8: University Project

mart monitoring system for Smart home model was exhibited on the 110th Anniversary of Cao Thang Technical College in 2016 (Link:


– Controlling to turn on/off devices via the Internet and 3G/GSM network.

– Monitoring status quo of the house through image from camera.

– Configuring fire alarm, gas leak, temperature warning, illegal opening, …

I think that’s enough preliminary research. This series of articles will continue. We will make our own small smart home project.


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