KY-008 Laser diode module guide

In this article We tried the explain KY 008 Arduino Laser Module. We showed KY 008 pinout. We gave some examples KY 008 laser module projects. 


In this article we will examine the laser diode module in the best selling 37 in 1 sensor module set in the world. Various laser diode modules are sold on the market. It is possible to find a suitable laser diode module for every price and for every job. What is a laser diode module? How to use? Which projects are used? We will look for answers to questions such as.

What is laser diode?

The laser is a module containing a diode that emits light. Like other diodes, it is made of semiconductor pn materials.

Laser Diode Module Internal Structure

The figure above shows the internal structure of a low-power laser diode.

KY-008 Laser diode module pinout

KY-008 laser module is a cheap and easy to find arduino module used for hobby purposes. 5 of them are sold on eBay for $ 4-5. KY-008 laser module emits red light.

Looking directly at the beam can damage your eye. Use it with caution.


KY-008 Laser diode module spesifications

Since the operating current is smaller than 40 mA, it can be driven directly with Arduino. 5mW is very low power for cutting something. If you want to cut or drill something so you must else laser diode module. More power diode module.. For example; If you want to cut a 2mm width wood then you can use 500 mW laser diode module.

KY-008 Laser diode module with Arduino

KY-008 Laser diode module with Arduino

If you make the connection above, you can check the laser module with Arduino. You can feed Arduino on a computer.

The following is a sample code for the above link. You can modify it according to your own needs.

When you install the above code, the laser diode will be on for 1 second and will be off for 1 second.

Which projects can do with Arduino Laser Module?

If you have an Arduino Laser module and you haven’t decided what to do with it, we will give you a few suggestions in this section.

1. ISD1820 Voice Recording Module controlled by KY-008 Laser Module

The easiest and most common use of this module is to turn something on and off. For example, in this project, The Voice Recording Module is controlled by laser.

Project is here.

2. Arduino Encoded and Modulated Laser and Infrared Serial Communication

A great use of the laser module is that serial communication is made over the laser light. It’s amazing that information is sent through the light without any environmental factors. Photo diode was used as receiver in this project.

3. Bat signal with laser module

This is a thingverse project. If you have a 3d printer, you can do this projects too. It has simple idea. You can do this project with another symbol.


4. Laser show project with Arduino laser module

Laser shows may be the beginning of the projects with lasers. These kinds of projects show a lot of difference. In some, one or more mirrors reflected by the laser are rotated and the beam is projected onto a wall. In some projects, the laser module is rotated. In this project, the mirrors turned by the 2 step motor provide laser show.


5. Laser alarm system with Arduino

You can also use the KY 008 Arduino laser module in this project, which you can do with LDR and a simple laser toy . The alarm will sound when the laser beam on the LDR is cut off in the project.

In this article We tried the explain KY 008 Arduino Laser Module. We showed KY 008 pinout. We gave some examples KY 008 laser module projects.  Hope to see you in our next article..


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