Arduino Sensor List

We have made a list of the 27 most used sensors in arduino projects. We briefly introduced these arduino modules.


When we make an application with Arduino, we have to use at least 1-2 sensors or modules. The strongest part of Arduino over other platforms is that it has many modules. The number of Arduino sensor modules is gradually increasing. Knowing what these sensor modules are means you know what materials to use in your projects.

This article will be an Arduino Sensor Wiki article. I will try to collect all arduino sensor types on this page as much as I can. So this article will be a long-term and comprehensive study.

Arduino Sensor List

  1. Infrared sensor receiver module 38kHz

Infrared sensor receiver module 38kHz

Infrared (IR) receiver and transmitter module, which is widely used in Arduino projects.
It operates at a frequency of 38kHz. For more info: KY-022 guide

2. Laser diode module

Laser diode module

It is a laser diode module with 5mW power, 650 nm wavelength and working with 5V. There are application areas such as a security project where light should not be seen.

For more info: Ky-008 Arduino Laser Module Guide

3. Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module

It is a digital output module with DHT 11 temperature and humidity sensor on it. It measures temperature between 2 ° C – 50 ° C. It can measure humidity in the range of 20-90% RH. Can be used with breadboard.

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4. Infrared emission (transmitter) sensor module

Infrared emission (transmitter) sensor module

It is the infrared transmitter circuit. The IR diode on it emits IR light at a certain frequency. It is used with the receiver circuit. It is used in infrared light switching projects.

See also: Infrared sensor receiver module guide (KY-022)

5. Photoelectric IR Obstacle avoidance sensor switch module

IR Obstacle avoidance sensor

The receiver and transmitter module are together in the same body. The light emitted by the transmitter hitting an obstacle and returning it to the receiver provides an obstacle detection. It has a sensing distance of 2-30 cm. It is an arduino module that is also used in black and white line tracking.

6. Heartbeat detector module (finger)

Heartbeat detector module (finger)

This arduino sensor module has an interesting way of working. A red led flashes at a certain frequency. The photo transistor in the system detects this. When you put your finger in the module, the amount of light the photo transistor receives changes slightly depending on your blood pressure. So its resistance is changing. In this way, you can measure the heart rate.

7. Microphone sensor module

Microphone sensor module

Microphone sensor module detects ambient noise. Accordingly, digital outputs 0 and 1.

8. Metal touch sensor module

Metal touch sensor module

The metal touch sensor module is actually a simple amp circuit. When you touch it, mosfet detects it. The signal is amplified.

9. Flame Sensor Module

Flame Sensor Module

A fire sensor board is used to detect a particular wavelength of fire. An IR diode is used as the sensing element. Its sensitivity can be adjusted with trimpot. Outputs analog and digital.

10. Line Hunting Sensor Module (TCRT5000)

Line Hunting Sensor Module (TCRT5000)

This sensor is used as line detection sensor in line tracking robots and sumo robots. Its sensitivity can be adjusted by potentiometer. There are measurement settings between 0-30 cm.


11. Magnetic linear Hall sensor

Magnetic linear Hall sensor


They are sensors that can output analog and digital and detect the change of magnetic field in the environment. Sensitivity can be adjusted with potentiometer. For example, in the new generation teleon cases, the device wakes up as soon as the cover is opened.

12. Rotary encoder module

Rotary encoder module

Rotary Encoder Module is a module that gives a separate signal when it is pressed, and the value of the square wave signal it produces when it is turned is changed. It is often used in selecting menus in projects.

13. Magic Light Cup Module

Magic Light Cup Module

According to the location of the mercury in a tube in the module, the led works according to the principle of giving light. You can use this module in robots. When the robot reaches the slope, the mercury changes position and sends a signal to the arduino. You understand that the slope has come.

14. Mercury Switch module

Mercury Switch module


You can detect the slope with this mercury arduino module, which has a similar function of module 13.

15. Reed Switch Module

Reed Switch Module

The Reed relay module has a wide range of uses. It is especially used in home security and automation systems. It is used to detect magnetic field and position.

16. Tilt Switch Module

Tilt Switch

This Tilt Sensor Module works on a mechanical operating principle. It detects a bevel thanks to 2 balls inside the sensor. When the sensor is in an upright position, the balls touch the connectors on the leg of the sensor, turning off the switch. Sensitivity can be adjusted with the potentiometer on it.


17. Photo-resistor Module

Photo-resistor Module


LDR is an electronic material whose resistance changes according to the amount of light. The module outputs when the light level reaches a certain value in this module. The light value to trigger can be adjusted by potentiometer.

18. Vibration Switch Module

It is a vibration detection sensor that can give analog or digital output and its sensitivity can be adjusted by potentiometer.

19. Sound Impact sensor module

It is a module that can detect sound up to 3m distance and its sensitivity can be adjusted by potentiometer. It is widely used in alarm system projects where sound can trigger something.

20. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module

It is used to measure distance between 2cm-400cm. It is frequently used in robotic applications. It is simple to use.

21. Soil Moisture Sensor Module

Soil Moisture Sensor Module

It is a sensor used by immersing in the soil and measuring the moisture content of the soil. It is generally used in irrigation projects.

22. Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module


igital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module


It is a module that measures pressure between 300-1100 hPa, where you can get altitude information in the range of 500-900 meters. It is used in Multicopter projects.


23. MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module


MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module


It can detect the gas produced by substances such as natural gas, ropan, methane and alcohol. It is used in fire detection projects..

24. Humidity and Rain Detection Sensor Module

Humidity and Rain Detection Sensor Module

It is a sensor that detects when it is wet. It is used in projects related to fire detection. Sensitivity adjustment is made with potentiometer. Outputs digital and analog.

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25. Speed Sensor Module

Speed Sensor Module

It is usually used next to the engines to measure the speed. It can measure the direction of rotation as well as the speed of the engine.


26. HC-SR501 Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Module

HC-SR501 Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Module

The PIR sensor detects moving objects in the environment. While the distance is adjusted with one of the potentiometers, the duration of being active is set with the other. It is used in projects such as motion-sensitive lamps.

27.  ADXL345 Accelerometer Module


Accelerometer. It can detect in 3 axes. It is often used in balance robots and drones to maintain balance.






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